~ intention strands handmade in small batches ~
~ intention strands handmade in small batches ~
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Genuine, natural, semi-precious gemstones. If they become dirty wipe with soapy water and a very soft cloth.  I clean my personal jewelry with a natural gemstone-safe cleaner called SparkleSparkle.

Metal spacers are sterling silver or gold vermeil.  Pendants are stainless steel, brass or nickel-free alloy depending on the design (see product descriptions for details).  

Metals naturally tarnish but chlorine, lotions and perfumes speed up the process. So storing your strands in a closed container, with the anti-tarnish square you’ll receive will help to prevent tarnishing for about 8 months.   

Where is Storm Malas located

All items ship from a cottage in New York, nestled between the Hudson River and a set of woods thick with evergreens and weeping willows.

Custom orders?  

Yes! Let the gemstones choose you by sending an email to mercedes@stormmalas.com.   I'll ask you questions that will help me to craft a Mala that is in alignment with your path.

These special malas make a wonderful gift for a close friend, bridesmaids, or coven members.   


Gift Cards?  Not yet, but soon!