~ intention strands handmade in small batches ~
~ intention strands handmade in small batches ~
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I’ve found solace in the earth and it’s talismans since I was a very young girl.

At 5 my mom wasn't thrilled to discover various rocks in my pockets on laundry day.  By 11 I was soaking reeds in buckets in the kitchen, to weave baskets for carrying treasures in from the woods.  Family traditions were seated atop a base of superstition.  As I grew I found or created rituals to bring us luck and protection.  And I haven't gone one day without some piece of the earth as adornment. An evil eye anklet, a gemstone necklace, or a sprig of weeping willow tied around my neck...

So it’s probably no surprise to hear that I have learned a great deal about gemstones and owned various meditation necklaces; but nowhere could I find the strands that paid proper homage to the storm brewing within me.  Necklaces for those that see beauty in the shadowed woods and in unconventional faces.  For the people that have suffered through the aching grief of losing a loved one.  And I have found a great strength in turning that tumultuous, heavy energy into a powerful motivating tool through meditation and rituals.  

But I needed a protective amulet worthy of an afternoon nap in the forest. And one to cast clandestine intentions.

So I made my own intention strand, with softly faceted labradorite beads.   With a little metal basket on the end to change out a crystal based on my mood.  I cleansed it with a smudging of sage and pine and finally; I had the perfect tool.  

I wanted to share that special intention necklace, with you.  And as such, Storm Malas was born.

~ Mercedes